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The history of our brand starts at 2008. That time we developed the corporate and personal styles. One of our projects was tightly connected with Ukrainian embroidery motives. After we started its realization, we understood that it does not simply work. The creation of handmade embroidered dresses is a huge field of creativity. We wanted to dedicate our lives for this aim. This direction turned Charodeyki into a worldwide-known brand with rich tradition base.

Our brand fell in love with an authentic national embroidery. We don’t want to use it as an attractive factor and go with the flow of fashion trends. The brand’s vocation is eternal fashion which is independent of designers’ ideas.


Each thing by Charodeyki is an exclusive handmade product with individual characteristics. The masters who cooperate with us include its own story into embroidered crosses. The patterns have the deep symbolism and charge with positive energetic. The combination of ancient Ukrainian motives and modern achievements of stylists led us to the formation of dresses which will be relevant both for business occasions or casual situations. The brand team developed a new imagination about the sense of the newborn national classics.


The modern situation deleted some important traditions like the transmission of eternal embroidered clothes from generation to generation. While our team develops a new Ukrainian classics for women it considers each item as a valuable thing which will become an object of the future heritage. Most collections are limited by volume. We use only qualitative Italian linen for their production.

Our golden rule is using an individual approach to our customers. It guarantees that the dress or shirt will be perfect. All nuances of customer’s body structure will be underlined. It is the best proof of your taste. The new generation of national classics will improve your vision on business events or during the relaxing walk. Most embroidery is handmade and full of deep symbolism. Each detail and pattern on Italian linen are not only stylish decoration but also encrypted message for happy faith.

Our dresses are high qualitative things which the preserve the traditions of the ancestors. We are sure in the longevity and perfect look of our production. Study the catalog to find your personal item.



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