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Some words about Masters. Maryana (Lviv)

13 July 2016 12:32:54

The handmade dress decorator

“My granny gave me a needle when I was 5. Every year I became more accurate. I follow my grannys' advice. The stitches must be smooth and crosses should be in one direction.

After my wedding and during my pregnancy I decided to sew the Last Temptation icon. It was my first work without yarn as I used beads. I can’t stop now. The embroidery helps me to relax. I work in various techniques. The Bucovina circa is my favourite.

I love to be a part of wonder projects. It’s a pleasure to take a cloth and sew the pattern which has born in my head. I still preserve my granny’s embroidered shirt.”

Our dresses are more than clothes. It’s an epochal art by our masters.

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