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  • Terracotta linen culotte pants
  • Terracotta linen culotte pants
  • Terracotta linen culotte pants
  • Terracotta linen culotte pants
  • Terracotta linen culotte pants

Terracotta linen culotte pants

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If you flip long enough through a selection of portraits of noble fashionistas, it may seem that the cullottes of various modifications have always existed. Even if it seems to the French that the name denotes only the pants of monarchs from the XVIII-XIX centuries, the Japanese, at the same time, will assert their right to the prototype model, appealing to the ancient national clothes ... Always. And for everyone.

Firstly and historically, the "classic" culottes are comfortable. Landing on the waist, or slightly higher, it prevents from possible confusions and the knee-length with a straight cut allows for being active for any dress code.

Secondly and traditionally, the undercut for all models, where you can hide pockets, is a little trick for the lady to be practical without losing sophistication.

And thirdly, and conceptually, the designer-reformer Elsa Skiaparelli’s meaningful revision of the forgotten silhouette finds a compromise between capri pants and skirt pants. If you properly choose the right length and width, the flaws, that even the perfect beauties can sometimes find in their figure, disappear with the speed of light.

So, let's play geometry: slender legs have the best appearance in a not so wide with medium length, but lush beauty requires a luxurious setting, so it is worthwhile to proportionally extend the bottom, leaving the length at the level of the narrowest section of the smooth line of the lower leg.

It is being at your highest (in any sense), do the culotte pants reveal the full potential of femininity - that is, they are waiting to be partnered with heels, even as small, as the mule shoes.

Feel free to be a member of the royal family. Speaking of monarchs, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands often appear in public,  demonstrating successful ensembles of different colors. Why not to trust these icons of sophisticated style, when looking for your own?

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